DIY Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

These easy DIY non-toxic cleaners are sure to make your house clean & fresh without all the toxic chemicals.  


All-purpose cleaner-Mix together in a spray bottle:

1c. water

¼ tsp. organic, gluten-free liquid dish washing soap

1T. baking soda

½ tsp. borax


All-purpose scouring powder-Mix in a can with a perforated lid:

1c. baking soda

10 drops rosemary essential oil


All-purpose disinfectant-Mix together in a spray bottle:

1c. water

2T. Castile soap

1tsp. tea tree oil

8 drops eucalyptus essential oil


Glass cleaner-Mix together in spray bottle:

1c. water

1c. vinegar

10 drops lemon essential oil


Porcelain polish-Mix together in a small bowl:

2T. cream of tarter

1/2c. hydrogen peroxide


Wood floor cleaner-Mix in a large bucket:

3T. Castile soap

1/2c. vinegar

1/2c black tea

2 gallons water


Wood cabinet cleaner-Mix in a squirt bottle:

2c. water

2T.  vinegar

1T. lemon oil



From The Autoimmune Fix Book by Dr. Tom O’Bryan

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