Taco Seasoning Mix

Tired of all the taco seasonings that have so much junk in them? Make your own healthy version.  Gluten free, Dairy free & Preservative free



1tsp organic onion powder

1tsp sea salt 

1tsp organic chili powder

¼ tsp crushed organic dried crushed red pepper

½ tsp organic garlic powder (optional)

¼ tsp organic dried oregano

½ tsp organic ground cumin



Combine all ingredients in small container and mix until evenly distributed.  Spoon mixture into a 6” square of aluminum foil and fold to make air tight. Label and store in cool dry place.  Use within 6 months.  Makes 1 pkg of taco seasoning mix.

If using right away:  Add seasoning mix to 1 lb of browned ground beef.  Add 1/2c. of water and stir.  Simmer on low for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Makes filling for 8-10 tacos or enchiladas.

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