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Every Cup of Tea is a Journey

KC Tea Co. offers a unique selection of premium loose leaf teas and wellness blends from around the world. We believe that every cup is a journey. Tea can take you anywhere from the Himalayas to the Moroccan deserts. Our goal is to bring all these unique blends from around the globe to your home.

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How the journey is made

The Growing Process

All tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant which traces its origins to the southern provinces of China. Ideal tea cultivation occurs at high mountainous elevations which are complemented with plenty of moisture and rich soils. Over generations the plant has been migrated throughout south east Asia, India, and recently to Africa and South America.

The Harvest

Tea is harvested generally for three seasons throughout the year, optimal white and green tee harvests occur in the spring and black tea in the fall. Farmers still harvest the tea plant by hand. Harvesters are meticulous to select the buds and appropriate number of leaves required for the tea they are producing, usually not pulling off more than three leaves from the bud. They place the leaves in large baskets and transport them to warehouses/factories for oxidizing and drying.

The Refining Process

Tea is complex like wine in that many varietals of the plant exist. Conditions such as the climate, and elevation effect flavor profiles but most tea drinkers classify their tea by color: white, yellow, green, oolong, and black. The color designation comes from the amount of oxidation the teas receive after they are picked. White tea farmers will delicately pick the buds and early leaves of the plant and dry them in the sun without allowing any oxidation or bruising to occur, this provides fresh, bright natural tones. Green teas are more mature leaves which are minimally oxidized, allowing them a still bright and brilliant taste, while allowing them to pair nicely with fruits and vibrant spices. Oolong teas are oxidized to levels between green and black, the longer oxidation produces nuttier, caramelized rich flavors. Black teas are rolled and bruised to allow oxidation to mature almost fully creating robust, bold flavors.

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Key Benefits to Drinking Tea

Tea contains antioxidants

Less caffeine than coffee

May reduce risk of heart attack or stroke

May help with weight loss

Fortifies the immune system

Detoxifies the body

May help soothe the digestive System

Enhances calmness